11 – 17 March: LNA announces capture of ISIS leader in Ubari

Mar 18, 2021 | ISIS

On 14 March, the Libya National Army (LNA) announced the arrest of ISIS leader Abu Omar in Ubari. The LNA’s 116 Battalion and the Asifa unit reportedly stormed an ISIS base and seized two men and a woman from the group. LNA forces blew up an ammunition store, and confiscated a large number of weapons. The LNA reported that an exchange of gunfire resulted in Abu Omar’s injury. According to the LNA, Abu Omar was an ISIS leader in Sirte and was linked to the group’s Emir in Libya, Abu Moaz al-Iraqi, who was killed in September 2020 in Sebha. The LNA claims that Abu Omar was coordinating terrorist operations with the commander of ISIS in Niger and Mali, Abu Walid al-Sahrawi.